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Fashion Marketing Schools in Georgia
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Becoming a fashion marketer can put you at the center of the fashion world. Fashion marketers are responsible for coming up with promotion strategies and enhancing the reach and image of fashion brands. In Georgia, there are two schools you can attend: Gwinnett Technical College and the Art Institute of Atlanta. Gwinnett Technical College offers an Associate's degree in fashion marketing, while the Art Institute of Atlanta offers a Bachelor's degree. The average acceptance rate is 54%, so you should make sure that you have a strong application. The average tuition cost in Georgia is $17,545; however, tuition is considerably lower at Gwinnett Technical College.

Whether you decide to pursue an Associate's degree or a Bachelor's degree, many of the courses you take may be the same. Required courses include Fashion Advertising, Fashion Buying & Analysis, and Fashion Promotion. While you are not required to complete an internship in Georgia, and internship can help you network with a fashion community, gain experience as a fashion marketer, and help you become comfortable in the field. As an intern, you may have to attend events like Savannah Fashion Week. Events like this can help you learn about new brands and gain new connections in the fashion industry.

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• Fashion Marketing
• Medium Campus
• Suburban Setting
$1,920 Tuition Cost
• Fashion Design, • Fashion Marketing
• Large Campus
• Urban Setting
$31,905 Tuition Cost
$11,171 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards
• Fashion Marketing, • Fashion Merchandising
• Small Campus
• Urban Setting
$17,496 Tuition Cost
$1,412 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards