Have you ever wanted to be part of the big fashion shows in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles? Whether you want to design the clothing that shows up on the runway or represent the biggest fashion brands in the industry, it all starts with a strong fashion education. We have information on almost 350 fashion schools and over 150 graduate programs in the United States.

At FashionSchoolsUSA.com, we have one goal—to connect you with a school that can help you reach your career goals. We have made it as easy as possible for you to find a school. Our Schools by State page makes it easy for you to find schools in your state. We have detailed information on every fashion school in the United States. You can find out a school’s tuition cost, average scholarship award, campus size, and class size. We even have information on 10 online fashion schools if you want the convenience of an online degree.

What Fashion Program Is Right for You?
Not sure what fashion field is right for you? We can help you. Check out our Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, and Fashion Merchandising pages. You can learn about what classes are involved for each degree, what career paths are available in each program, and what degree choices you have.

Career Outlook for Fashion Professionals
There is an exciting variety of fashion careers for skilled, educated fashion graduates. With a degree in fashion design, marketing, or merchandising, you may be able to work as a fashion designer, marketing professional, merchandise displayer, or wholesale purchaser.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that fashion designers earn an average salary of $64,530 per year. There are over 21,000 fashion designers in the United States, working for wholesalers, clothing manufacturers, and specialized design services.

Fashion marketing is another field with exciting career potential for graduates. Marketing specialists and research analysts earn an average salary of $60,570 per year. This is a rapidly growing field; the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that job openings in this field will increase by 41% between 2010 and 2020, representing lots of new jobs for qualified graduates.

If you earn a degree in fashion merchandising, there are many different careers you can pursue. With this degree, you can work as a retail buyer, sales representative, merchandise displayer, or retail supervisor.
As a fashion professional, it can be helpful to you to join fashion organizations. Fashion Group International and the Fashion Industry Association are two of the most popular organizations in the United States.

Why Fashion?
You have undoubtedly experienced the power of fashion in your life. What we wear determines how we feel, how people perceive us, and what message we send to the world. By working in the fashion industry, you can sculpt the future of fashion and be part of tomorrow’s trends.

Whether you choose to work in design, merchandising, or marketing, you can learn invaluable skills that can lead to a rewarding career in the fashion industry. We’ll be there with you every step of the way.
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