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Louisiana Fashion Schools

Fashion is an exciting and growing industry, and you can become part of it by earning a degree at one of the three fashion schools in Louisiana. All three schools have undergraduate programs, and two also have graduate programs.

You can generally look forward to affordable tuition in Louisiana, since the average cost of tuition is $4,598. There are also many scholarship opportunities; with an average scholarship award of $3,694, Louisiana State University has the largest scholarship awards.

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is one school that helps you get the most of your education. They have annual fashion shows that showcase senior students’ design work.

Starting a fashion career is the next natural step after earning your degree. You may find work with retailers, fashion design companies, and marketing firms. Some of the most prominent employers in this field include J. Crew Group, Winston Retail, The Phoenix Stores, and Buffalo Exchange. The economy in Louisiana is rapidly improving; the unemployment rate is currently 5.7% (BLS, 2013).

Salaries vary significantly based on experience, so you should jump into the field as soon as possible. Designers in Louisiana earn an average salary of $51,600 per year (BLS, 2012). The average salary for a merchandise displayer is $24,470 (BLS, 2012). Marketing pros in this field earn an average salary of $50,860 per year (BLS, 2012).

Fashion Schools in Louisiana

About Fashion Schools in Louisiana
Total Schools:3
Undergraduate Programs:3
Graduate Programs:2
Average Acceptance Rate:70%
Average Tuition Cost:$4,598
Average Loan Amount:$5,260
Average Scholarship Award:$2,377
Average Classroom Size:20 Students
Fashion Schools in Louisiana
• Fashion Design
• Small Campus
• Urban Setting
• $1,186 Tuition Cost
• $622 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards
(Baton Rouge,LA)
• Fashion Merchandising
• Large Campus
• Rural Setting
• $5,193 Tuition Cost
• $3,694 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards
• Fashion Merchandising
• Large Campus
• Urban Setting
• $3,926 Tuition Cost
• $2,814 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards