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Arkansas Fashion Design Schools

Are you interested in completing a fashion design program in Arkansas? The University of Arkansas, located in Fayetteville, has a program for you. With an acceptance rate of 63% and a per-semester tuition cost of $6,142, University of Arkansas is affordable without having difficult admissions standards. Many students at this university get significant financial aid, as the average financial aid award is $4,988.

The fashion design program at the University of Arkansas usually takes five years of full-time study to complete. The program requires 120 credits. It takes longer than most Bachelor’s degree programs because it requires a summer tour and an internship. Your internship is likely to be scheduled for your third year of study. In addition to general education requirements, you can expect to take courses in a variety of fashion design fields. Some of these courses include Introduction to Clothing Concepts, Apparel Production, Textile Science, and Computer Aided Textile Design. Some of your time will be spent drawing and selling designs, and some of your time may also be spent learning about the history of fashion.

During your time as a fashion student, you may want to attend Little Rock Fashion Week. This can give you the opportunity to find internships and network within the fashion community.

Fashion Design Schools in Arkansas

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Total Schools:1
Undergraduate Programs:1
Graduate Programs:1
Average Acceptance Rate:63%
Average Tuition Cost:$7,554
Average Loan Amount:$6,116
Average Scholarship Award:$4,988
Average Classroom Size:19 Students
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• Fashion Design
• Large Campus
• Urban Setting
$6,142 Tuition Cost
$4,988 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards