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Fashion Marketing Schools in Minnesota
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If you want to promote up-and-coming fashion designers or work on marketing strategies for design companies, a fashion marketing program may be right for you. In Minnesota, there are two schools you can attend. These schools both offer a Bachelor's degree in fashion marketing, which can prepare you for an entry-level career as a fashion marketer. The average cost of tuition is $17,616. The amount you pay depends on what federal financial aid you qualify for and what school-specific financial aid you can get.

A fashion marketing program is designed to educate you in all facets of the fashion industry, in addition to cutting-edge marketing strategies. Coursework includes Import Buying for Fashion, Fashion Advertising, Fashion Promotion, and Apparel Selection. Although an internship may be recommended, it is not required. An internship can help you meet prospective employers, gain valuable work experience, and get comfortable working in the industry.

Joining MN Fashion can benefit you both as a student and a fashion professional. You can learn about upcoming events, job openings, and trends in the fashion industry. By becoming involved in the industry while you are still a student, you may be completely comfortable with it by the time you graduate.

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