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Fashion Merchandising Schools in Utah
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If you are ready to jump into the vibrant, exciting world of fashion, consider starting with a fashion merchandising program in Utah. Fashion merchandisers work in a variety of settings, including large retail stores, for fashion designers, and in retail offices.

Utah is home to one fashion school: Bridgerland Applied Technology College. Rather than offering a traditional degree, this college uses a unique program system.

Tuition at this school depends on a number of factors, including how many courses you take at once and what financial aid you qualify for. The average scholarship award in Utah is $1543.

As a student here, you complete 1050 hours in fashion merchandising courses like Cosmetic Marketing, Visual Merchandising, Fashion Correspondence, and Textiles. The average class size is only 16 students, so if you have questions, you may have plenty of opportunities to work with your professor.

Another benefit of attending Bridgerland Applied Technology College is the opportunity to work on and direct one of the school's biannual fashion shows.

In order to make the most of your education, you may want to attend local events like Salt Lake City Fashion Week. Regularly attending local fashion events can help you build an expansive network of contacts.

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