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Fashion Design Schools in Utah
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Attending a fashion design school is the first step to becoming a successful fashion designer. As a Utah student, there are two schools open to you. These schools give you the opportunity to earn an Associate's degree, a Bachelor's degree, or a Master's degree. Tuition is generally very affordable in Utah; the average tuition cost is $4,365. The average scholarship award in Utah is $3,660.

A Bachelor's degree in fashion design can prepare you for an entry-level career in fashion design. In order to complete a Bachelor's degree, you must earn 120 credits. This takes most people about four years. During your time in school, you can learn about the history of fashion, learn about different fabrics, and spend plenty of time designing and creating your own fashions. Courses you may take include Textiles Laboratory, Pattern Making, and History of Fashion. Associate's programs require some of the same courses, but you only need a 60 credits to complete this program. If you want to earn a Master's degree, you must first have your Bachelor's degree in fashion design.

Living and working in Utah may allow you to join the Salt Lake Association of Fashion Designers. This keeps you updated on fashion events, like Salt Lake City Fashion Week, and helps you network with other designers.

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(Salt Lake City,
• Fashion Design
• Large Campus
• Suburban Setting
$2,759 Tuition Cost
$1,612 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards
• Fashion Design
• Large Campus
• Urban Setting
$4,676 Tuition Cost
$5,708 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards