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Fashion Design Schools in Tennessee
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If you want to start a career as a fashion designer, consider attending one of Tennessee's two fashion design schools. Both of these schools offer Bachelor's degrees and Master's degrees in fashion design. The average cost of tuition is $15,982. You may be able to get scholarships or grants to help with the cost of education; in fact, the average scholarship award in Tennessee is $6,909.

In order to complete a Bachelor's degree in fashion design, you need to earn between 120 and 130 credits in fashion design and general education courses. This should take you between four and five years if you are a full-time student. Some of the courses you may take during your time in school are Design Studio, Textiles Laboratory, and History of Fashion. You can see that instead of spending all of your time in the classroom, you actually spend a lot of your time in the design studio working on various fashion designs. Earning a Master's degree requires two to three years of study beyond your Bachelor's degree.

Depending on where you live in Tennessee, there are many fashion events you can get involved in. Knoxville Fashion Week, Middle Tennessee Fashion Week, and Nashville Fashion Week are three of the largest fashion shows in the state.

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• Fashion Design, • Fashion Merchandising
• Small Campus
• Urban Setting
$22,978 Tuition Cost
$10,280 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards
• Fashion Design
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• Urban Setting
$5,616 Tuition Cost
$3,538 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards