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Fashion Marketing Schools in South Carolina
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South Carolina is in the unique position of being part of the New England fashion community as well as the southern fashion community. If you want to be a fashion marketer, this can work out very well for you. The first step to becoming a fashion marketer is attending a fashion marketing program in South Carolina.

The only school that offers this program in South Carolina is the Art Institute of Charleston. The average acceptance rate is 44%, so it is important to make sure that your application is as strong as possible. You can expect to pay an average tuition cost of $17,796. However, you may be able to get scholarships and grants.

The typical fashion marketing curriculum includes courses in marketing, fashion design, and fashion merchandising. Having a thorough understanding of the fashion industry can make you an even better marketer.

Some of the courses you may have to take include Merchandising Math, Aesthetics and Style, Fashion Promotion, and Fashion Buying.

Participating in events like Charleston Fashion Week can help you start getting immediate experience in the fashion industry. You can interact with people that you might someday represent, work with, or work for. Even as a student, participating in events like this can really benefit your career.

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$17,496 Tuition Cost
$1,510 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards