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Fashion Design Schools in South Carolina
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Living in South Carolina allows you to be part of the southern fashion community and the East Coast fashion community. Take advantage of this opportunity by attending a South Carolina fashion design school. Bob Jones University is the only fashion design school in South Carolina, and it offers a Bachelor's degree and Master's degree. The acceptance rate here is 82%, which gives you good odds of getting accepted on your first try. The cost of tuition is $13,090 per year, which is often offset by scholarships and grants. In South Carolina, the average scholarship award is $4,027.

Completing a Bachelor's degree can put you in a good place to start an entry-level career in fashion design. You should expect to spend four to five years of full-time study to graduate. Some of the classes you take at this level are Fashion Illustration, Retail Merchandising, History of Apparel, and Fiber Arts. Fashion design is a unique major in that it does not take place just in the classroom. You also spend a lot of your time in the design studio, developing your own designs for your portfolio.

As a South Carolina student, going to Charleston Fashion Week is a great way to network with other fashion designers and meet prospective employers. Charleston Fashion Week happens every year.

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• Fashion Design
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• Urban Setting
$12,480 Tuition Cost
$4,027 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards
• Small Class Sizes