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Fashion Marketing Schools in Rhode Island
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16 Students

The fashion industry needs business-minded, fashion-educated individuals that can help fashion designers market their brands to the right people. If you thrive in a fast-paced environment, the world of fashion marketing might be right for you. It all starts when you attend a fashion marketing school in Rhode Island.

The University of Rhode Island is the only school in the state that offers this program. You can complete a Bachelor's degree or Master's degree in fashion marketing. The average cost of tuition here is $12,450, but this is offset by the average scholarship award of $8068. An average class size of 16 students can give you the opportunity to interact more with your professors.

Completing a degree in fashion marketing requires you to learn all about the fashion industry. Some of the courses that may be required of you include Fashion Retailing, Economic Principles, and Textile Markets.

You can put your education to practical used by participating in or attending events like Providence Fashion Week. This annual event can show you what it is really like to work in the fashion industry. In addition, you can begin building connections to people that you may work with in your career.

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$10,878 Tuition Cost
$8,068 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards