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Fashion Marketing Schools in North Dakota
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No matter how new or established a fashion designer is, they still rely on the services of fashion marketers to help them develop a strong brand image that attracts their target market.

If you think you would be a good fashion marketer, you can start by attending a fashion marketing program in North Dakota. North Dakota State University is the only school in the state that offers this program. You can complete either a Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree. The average cost of tuition is $7233, which is offset by the average scholarship award of $3151.

Your four years in school may include courses in marketing, fashion design, and merchandising. This can give you a comprehensive understanding of the fashion industry and how you can market for it. Some of the courses you may have to take include International Retailing, Visual Merchandising, and Import Buying for Fashion.

In order to further your education, you may decide to complete an internship or a city tour. These experiences can give you practical experience in the field and connect you with possible employers.

Joining an association like the Fashion Industry Association can help you start building valuable connections in the fashion world. In addition, you can participate in local events.

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$6,135 Tuition Cost
$3,151 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards