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Fashion designers and companies thrive on positive press and buzz. Fashion marketers are the ones responsible for creating that buzz. An exciting career in fashion marketing starts with a fashion marketing program in Massachusetts. In Massachusetts, you can choose to attend the New England Institute of Art. The average cost of tuition here is $18,772. There are many financial aid opportunities, and the average financial aid award is $2,431. The school has a competitive 31% acceptance rate, but with a strong application and essay, you may have a good chance of getting into the program of your choice.

The New England Institute of Art offers a Bachelor's degree in fashion marketing, which encompasses 120 credits in fashion marketing and general education. Some of the fashion marketing courses you may have to take in this program include International Retailing, Global Sourcing, and Import Buying for Fashion. In addition, you may complete some courses in fashion design and merchandising. This is to help you gain a full understanding of the industry that you are representing.

You can further your career goals by joining the Design Industry Group of Massachusetts. This group can help you find job postings, learn about new educational opportunities, and gain business support.

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$18,552 Tuition Cost
$2,431 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards