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Fashion Merchandising Schools in Kentucky
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in the fast-paced world of fashion? With a degree in fashion merchandising, you can experience it firsthand. Fashion merchandising is a great degree if you have good business skills, an eye for fashion, and a willingness to work with a variety of people.

In Kentucky, there is one school that offers a degree in this field: Eastern Kentucky University. The average acceptance rate here is 66%, which may give you a good chance of getting into the program of your choice.

The average cost of tuition in Kentucky is $7320, which is offset by the sizable average scholarship award of $5557.

In order to earn your Bachelor's degree, you need to complete a variety of courses in fashion and business. Some of the courses you may be required to take include Apparel Product Development, Principles of Management, Textile Evaluation, and Visual Merchandising.

It is important to network with fashion professionals, both in your area and around the world. You can start by attending Waterfront Fashion Week. This annual event brings together fashion designers, marketers, and merchandisers from all over the state. This networking can pay off after you graduate and start looking for a job.

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$7,320 Tuition Cost
$5,557 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards