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If you want to play a big role in getting brands noticed, fashion marketing may be the career for you. In Alabama, there is one fashion marketing program that you can attend. Auburn University offers a Bachelor's degree in fashion marketing. Tuition at this university costs, on average, $9,446, making a fashion marketing degree affordable for you. You may also be able to get financial aid; the average scholarship in Alabama is $9,971.

In order to earn your fashion marketing degree, you need to attend classes full-time for four years. Some of the classes you take include Aesthetics for Apparel Design, Apparel Line Development, Fashion Analysis, and Textiles. Furthermore, Auburn University gives you the chance to complete an internship. This allows you to see what it's really like to be a fashion marketer, in addition to helping you build valuable connections in the fashion community. You may take some of your classes with fashion design majors, which gives you a well-rounded view of the fashion industry and the people you may be marketing.

As a fashion marketer, you may meet new clients at events like Fashion Week Alabama. Attending while you are still a student can help you meet up-and-coming designers and prospective employers.

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$7,872 Tuition Cost
$9,971 Scholarship and Financial Aid Awards